Nitrokey Stuck in read-only only in Linux

Hello, I currently Bought a Nitrokey and I am having an issue Opening the APPIMAGE on the unencrypted Partition. I am running this in Qubes OS using a fresh Debian 10 Template. I am running NitroKey APP version 1.4.0 using Firmware version 0.54. So to get this to open you have to go to properties on that APPIMAGE and click “allow executing file as program” But as soon as I do that it says it is read-only.

Reading up I have found that to fix this you have to type your admin password in to change it from read-only. So I downloaded the Nitrokey-APP from Github and checked signatures. I changing the properties on that APPIMAGE “allow executing file as program”. I opened the App and typed my admin password in and changed the unencrypted partition so its read-write.

Now when I try and eather copy that file I downloaded off Github onto the unencrypted partition or just change the original APPIMAGE that was on the Nitrokey to “allow executing file as program”, It simply changes itself back to read-only with no error or warning.

When I go to “About NitroKey” to check the status it says "Unencrypted Volume: READ/WRITE. But I still cant Edit anything or move a file in this partition. All this works fine using Windows 10 so I am not sure what is going on exactly.

Any Ideas on how to fix this?

er… From what you say I understand you have turned the unencrypted partition from read-only (normal status at delivery IIRC) to read-write with the windows app, and verified this is OK by e. g. copying an extra file from the windows machine on the unencrypted partition. Right?
Then, if this is so, I suggest you copy the app from the NK partition to your main Linux disk. When left on the key I did get the ‘allow executing file as a program’ issue exactly as you got, and my understanding is that this may be due to the program being located on the USB key. At least, here it works, once copied from the key to the main disk.
FWIW, I use app v1.2 on Debian, which works properly on the disk

As far as I remember this has something to do with FAT32 and executable rights on Linux, but I am not sure anymore and could not find any hint on that issue. I am quite confident that @szszszsz can tell you more about it, but not anytime soon (may end of next week), because he is not available right now. I am sorry.

Yes I have it running fine From my Linux Disk with executing permissions but as soon as I copy it over to the Nitrokey Disk It changes it back to read-only with no warning and cant run it.

I even tryed changing the permissions with version 1.3.1 instead of 1.4 with the same effect. I will try and do some more research on fat32 and executable rights on linux. Maybe its not meant to be run on Nitrokey USB just on there as storage/backup.

I would suggest to check your mount options ( noexec ) for the NK USB under LINUX.