Nitrokey3 FIDO2 not accepted by my bank


Recently my ING bank ( introduced the possibility of using FIDO2 security key for 2FA. When I was trying to register my Nitrokey 3A mini and Nitrokey 3C NFC, the registration failed on the very last step of the process (already when I only needed to assign the name of the registered key). I contacted the support, and they told me, that the given security key is not accepted, as “it has not been certified by FIDO2-supporting organization”, they referred to the list of certified FIDO2 devices available at FIDO Alliance Metadata Service - FIDO Alliance

I’m using both Nitrokeys (3A mini and 3C NFC) for many different accounts (including GitHub or Microsoft) and I successfully tested them in webauthn io, so it is not a problem with these particular devices or my browser.

The question: is Nitrokey company going to certify the Nitrokey 3 products to make them appear in FIDO Alliance certified products list?

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