Nitropad/Heads for BSD?

I wondered, because, I see very little information on whether this is possible or not,

But yeah, I am interested at some point in booting OpenBSD or rather, there might be a hard fork called HyperbolaBSD out at some point. I wondered if it is possible either with Full Disk Encryption with /Boot encrypted , or Full Disk Encryption without /boot encrypted.

If it doesn’t currently support it, its no problem. That OS won’t probably be any good for me till 2024+ or 2025+

Aka, it will not be be complete till 2024 and won’t have much purpose to use till later… by that I mean it will only have system core stuff.

That all being said, it is something I will desire in the future. If you can support it I would appreciate it.

This would be helpful though to other people wanting bsd support I am sure, if it isn’t already there. Aka, heads as far as I know, don’t know what it supports besides linux.