[Nitropad] Starting recovery shell, public pin

I’m a novice and I just unpacked my NitroPad last night. I started the configuration process of Qubes and it got stuck, so I shut down the pad after 4h. When turning it on again the GPG PIN was demanded and as I haven’t been able to download the NitroPad App on Apple I shut it down again.
The learning by doing approach has failed me, so I figured I’d ask for advice. That’s the current state:

What to do? Grateful for some insight!

Hi @Pln !

Will take a look into this tomorrow, sorry for the delay!

Hi. How about today?

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Sorry for the delay.
Please execute the steps from the “Troubleshooting” part at:

Hi @szszszsz
My keyboard doesn’t react as soon as I am supposed to enter the pin. Any idea what to do?

Hello @Pln,
Again sorry for the delay. We have experienced similar issue in some other place, and reboot has helped. We will look into it.
Could you execute the procedure once again and see, whether issue reproduces for you reliably?

Hi @szszszsz
I have tried it six times so far and the problem reproduces.

Thank you for the update. Could you try with another keyboard? E.g. if it was external USB one, use bundled, or the other way.

Can you tell me what you mean by bundled?

Sorry, I meant the integrated (Nitropad’s own) keyboard and the external one.

Hi @Pln!

Do you have any updates?

Hi @szszszsz
Sorry for the late reply! It took me some time to get a USB keyboard.
It didn’t work. What should I do?

Hi @Pln!

Ah, sorry to hear that. We have made a few improvements, including fixing this bug, and should release the new BIOS firmware this week. We will release the update guide as well (should be as easy as downloading the new firmware and saving to USB disk).


We have just released new Heads firmware (previously named “BIOS”) for the NitroPads. Please follow the guide below to update to the latest one:

This should fix your current problems. Otherwise please let me know.

Hi @szszszsz !
I followed the guide but the SHA256SUM.txt file wasn’t detected on the USB stick.

Hi @Pln!

The SHA* file allows to check the binary consistency of the firmware before flashing it to the BIOS die.
In case you have started following #firmware-file-verification, but not found the file on the USB drive, then either you might have forgotten to download it, or the file transfer was not completed before removing the device from the USB port. Please download it and write again to the USB drive and try again.

Feel free to ask further in case of any questions.