Nitropad T430 BIOS

I would like to purchase a nitrokey and use it with my existing T430, using the Nitropad Heads Bios. Do you provide precompiled binaries or do I have to compile it myself via the github repo? If there are precompiled binaries, do you provide a way to periodically check for updates/automate the update process to some extend? Thanks!

Hi @lead4good !

We provide binaries at the release page:

I expect the rom files are the ones you are looking for, but I do not work with this project, so you would need to verify that.
Currently update process is through the USB drive, and done by hand by the user. We do not have access to the network from the Heads shell right now as far as I am aware, so this cannot be automated yet.

If you prefer you can of course build the Heads by your self and verify the binary checksum.

Not that, this is my thread, but I am glad no one has that access. I mean that would be terribly insecure wouldn’t it?

Again I am not working with the project, so my suggestion might be flawed indeed, but what I am thinking is: that depends. Let’s consider what is worse for the inexperienced user - having an old Heads firmware potentially prone to local attack (with the user being unable to update it by own hand), or loading a network module for a one-time update of the signed firmware, potentially exposing Heads to a network remote attack for a short time.
All in all, I have not heard any plans about a remote Heads update yet. I think someone was asking about this before, but I might be wrong.

Okay, good point for inexperienced users, but for me, just a simple terminal guide to update the firmware would be sufficient.

As long as it is an optional setting, meaning its off by default or on by request, I wouldn’t have issues with it at all.

Nitrokey users usually are smart enough to update the firmware themselves. At least in my case, :wink:

But I understand its not always that simple.

Given my limited experience with Hyperbola/Arch, I am probably not in the inexperienced area. More likely I am between intermediate/Advanced territory.

That all being said, you guys are the real experts. :+1:t2:

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