NitroPad T430 Firmware Update Brick

I tried to update the NitroPad T430 firmware to 1.4 so I can run Qubes 4.1, but I have accidentally bricked the device.

The .npf file was not working when I tried to flash with this. I tried redownloading it and still it didn’t work, so then I tried the .rom maximised file and accidentally bricked it.

The device now just has a black screen and no boot menu. How can I fix this?

The instructions are wrong as it shows selecting the .rom file:

Hey @simondavies315

Well, looks like you skipped the documentation specifically created for this update: Firmware Update v1.4+ — Nitrokey Documentation and the part which says:

Never try updating your NitroPad using the -maximized image, if you do not know exactly what you are doing!

Just as an additional warning, the releases page on Github says in bold:

If you try to update your Nitropad from a running system using a -maximized image, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR NITROPAD.

Although, if the .npf does not work, it looks like your Nitropad was not on version 1.3.1 before, will add a hint for that on both pages.

The good news is: your Nitropad has only a bricked firmware now and all the other stuff is still there and fine, please write an e-mail to together with your order reference (SOxxxxxxx) and we’ll find a solution.

edit: oh I see you’ve already done that. Can I kindly ask you to not do multi-channel spamming of the same issue? This generates additional efforts and will not accelerate handling the process, thanks…


@daringer Thank you for your reply. I followed the photo instructions. I did not read the GitHub properly which I apologise for.

I sent an email and created an issue on here as I wasn’t sure the best place to put it so it was seen by the right people.

I am happy to post the NitroPad back to Germany if need be. I am fairly technical so can fix it my end if this is possible and someone can guide me. Even if I need to buy an external flasher.

Here Firmware Update v1.4+ — Nitrokey Documentation at the bottom are rough instructions how to do so (with an external flasher), on the t430 it is quite a painful process including opening (and disassembling) the T430, my feeling is that’ll be better to send it in, let’s continue this discussion through the ticketing system and find a proper solution.

Thanks mate. Can you message me through the ticketing system and I will post it back in if it’s easier.

I don’t mind paying for you guys to fix it, at least it will be compatible with Qubes 4.1 after.

@daringer I have not received a response to my email that I sent into the support email address.

yeah, sometimes it more than a day after the weekends, but looks like your are in discussion now :wink:

I need to learn patience, I blame it on my Aspergers :slight_smile:

They are talking to me via email now. Thanks mate.