[Nitropad x230] Boot OS on changed checksum, and without the Nitrokey Pro

Oops me be way bad… I Lost my nitro key pro2 usb key. And no I don’t have any backups. I now can’t use my nitropad x230 running cubes os. After I rebooted from the latest dom 0 update it warns me that checksums could indicate a compromise. I can’t seem to get it to boot now without the key.

Is there a way of resetting or completely reformatting the nitropad. Happy to lose everything on it also can buy another nitrokey usb or device.

Yes I know I am naughty but any suggestions please?

You will need another Nitrokey Pro (or Nitrokey Storage) to use the measured boot feature.
The checksums update indeed require a Nitrokey to be used, and if I remember correctly also for the factory reset. I will check if there is a way on my Nitropad x230 and will let you know.

Can you check what Heads version do you use?
Edit: this should be either in the title bar of the main window just after the boot, or in the System Info screen (field FW_VER).

For the Heads v1.2+ there is a way - select the following on the initial boot screen:

  1. Options
  2. Boot options
  3. Ignore tampering and force a boot (Unsafe!)

This will change the terminal screen to red to indicate the potential tampering, and allow to boot further to the OS.

Hi thanks so much! Heads v is 1.3.1 and yes the unsafe option works. Thanks heaps. This will keep me going for now, yippee!

How do I get a new pro or storage to work with the nitro pad please?


You are welcome!

Just running factory reset would configure both Nitropad and Nitrokey to work together.
See below for details:

Thanks and I am all sorted now.

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