NitroPC now unusable due to frequent unexpected hard poweroff/reboots

I have a NitroPC that is a couple of years old and am having issues with frequent unexpected hard shutdowns and hard reboots. I suspect it might have been caused by a power outage in the electrical grid but am not sure whether it’s just a coincidence.

The 40W Chicony power brick that came with the PC makes high-pitched whining noise, and I thought maybe the problem was the power supply. However, seeing as the PC sometimes stays on for hours or sometimes for only seconds and usually turns off during a mouse click or keystroke or when the PC is doing a more intensive task, I think the issue might be corruption of some kind.

Am really hoping to get some suggestions to fix it as NitroPCs are decent but aren’t cheap and it’s too young to die!

Came here to say that i experienced the same! After 2 years and 1 months my Unit has the same problems awefull coil whining noise from the external power supply unit and boot reloops!
will try replace the power supply unit and report back here.

I contacted already support but i am also a bit worried that no one from official support has answered your thread since 30 days here?
I suspect temperature or a faulty/degrading hardware issue and will look further into it as soon as i figured out how to open the box… its really hard to open it and i don’t want to destroy anything, so waiting for the support to reply.

The NitroPC is much more expensive compared to other similar specced machines and didn’t got a bios update, despite some awful vulnerabilities on this hardware platform in the last two years.
A short official statement would be the least i am expecting here in the official forums…

udpate: replaced the pwoer supply unit with a proper one and this seems to have fixed my issue with the boot reloops…
not nice to get a cheap unit like that with that price tag!
Still the problem of no firmware updates…but i will open a separate issue and wait for the support reply…

I sent NitroKey support an email and after several weeks of waiting and me having to email again to remind them, they replied saying that after one year the burden of responsibility falls to the customer to prove that the problem was due to NitroKey’s mistake, so no warranty claim for me :frowning:

They suggested I try replacing the thermal paste on the CPU, but the power supply seems like a much more likely culprit. I’ve never shopped for one before, but would be so great to have the NitroPC working again.

@n1ete do you have any tips on what power supply to get?