NitroPC Pro and Qubes 4.2.0

I think I want to buy a NitroPC Pro but the website still mentions older 4.1.x as the software installed when Qubes is selected. Is it possible to order the machine with 4.2.0 installed and verified before shipment? I know the update is “supposed” to be easy but if the unit comes with 4.2.0 then I will know its good to go from the start. My first task will be to do a forensic backup and go from there.

Is this a place in the forum for me to best get an answer? This is a serious inquiry!

Yes, just give it some time for official replies.
I remember Nitrokey responded in another thread some months ago they were testing 4.2.0, but nothing related on github - see also the readme yet.

hey hey,

We are already testing with QubesOS 4.2 - but until an official image is available from our side + all devices will the shipped (and fully verified) with QubesOS 4.2 it will take at least some more weeks.


Fingers crossed here!

Would be great to get the new image soon. I’m about to reinstall my Nitropad and a fresh qubes 4.2 image would fit perfetly fine for this task. Installing first 4.1.2 and then updating to 4.2.0 manually is pain :frowning: