NitroPC: remote power on


I’m looking for a solution to power on a NitroPC remotely. I’m familiar with two approaches but also open for alternatives.

  1. Wake on LAN (WoL)
  2. Switching power distribution unit

I do not see how to do WoL with NitroPC. The second approach would require NitroPC to power on as soon as there is power available.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.


Hey @tokum,

  1. Wake on LAN (WoL) is not supported by our Coreboot/Tianocore firmware
  2. So far I remember the NitroPC should automatically start if the power supply switches from off to on

Nevertheless the system will not boot, as the FDE requires you to put in your encryption password, so overall it might not be easily doable to start the NitroPC unattended.