NitroPC USB keyboard sometimes not recognised


A few months ago I bought a NitroPC and at first all looked pretty good but from time to time after a restart (probably when I used the system with a tails usb stick before… but I am not sure how this would cause this behavior) the system does not allow me to type the admin password, so I cannot use the machine at all.

The strange thing is, I can type in the disk encryption password, but not the admin password. It seems that USB access is simply blocked when cubes is starting and for some reason I do not get prompted to allow USB access to the keyboard and mouse (anymore). So the cursus is blinking but I cannot type. Simply rebooting does not help at all. I really need to disconnect the power cable completely.

I find this behavior very annoying and disruptive. Can anybody explain this behavior and tell me how I can force the system to accept USB devices like keyboard and mouse automatically (and always) at startup ?


The use of an external USB key seems not related. Pulling the power plug seems also not always to help. This behavior makes the system virtually unusable.

Can someone from support please contact me to arrange a return or at least to help me troubleshoot this issue so that I can start using it ?

thank you

Just to let you know that I have ‘solved’ the issue by reinstalling Qubes.