Nitrophone 3 pro storage


I’m thinking of buying this device but the 128 Gb storage seems small. Original Google device can be bought with 256 Gb. Why is this not the case for the NitroPhone 3 Pro ?


Google sells your info, so they have a huge and distinct advantage…

That being said, you might be able to get more, but it might have a price tag.

And let’s say price is not an issue, how could I get more?

Just buy the Pixel 7 pro in the variation you need and install grapheneos on it. It’s pretty easy and gives you 99% of the nitro phone + saves you some money on top

That would be something you would need to request from Ntirokey devs, probably.
I had thought you meant this nitrokey service they were planning to make called nitrocloud, etc…

But if what the other commenter said is true, then 256GB should be a non-issue.
Also, sometimes, some of these devices can support more than what they say.
Example one:
Thinkpad X200 and X230 possibly others…
The Ram they include is half of what you can put in it. Probably out of caution, but its not a huge issue I have noticed, etc…
Example Two:
Mp3 players, I have legit put 64GB micro sd cards in ones that are supposed to support less than 32GB, albeit in a rockbox like firmware…
The second example is probably the better one for you, if at all.

If this sounds like a TL:DR type thing, then just remember, sometimes alternative firmwares allow for more than the specified limitations of the stock firmware and without much risk, provided it is tested enough. My point being, more or less, as long as the storage for 256GB, or 512GB has similar physical size, it should be fine. Also, sometimes Google’s way of doing things is part of the reason people end up needing more storage in the first place.

Proprietary = bloat

Final example btw, regarding bloat for ram:

Windows 10 says 2GB for very basic usage
Linux would be more like 512MB for very basic usage

Basic meaning, stuff like emails and a word processor, or a web browser.

The same can be applied to storage. You only really need more than 128GB of storage for android, if you have specific needs. Forks of Android probably are less so inclined in this direction, as long as they are more open source friendly than their base.

In some cases, 64GB might even be enough, at least for me anyhow.


If what you say is correct, what is the point buying a NitroPhone compared to Pixel 7 Pro + grapeneOS?


In today’s world, the OS is far from being the issue in terms of space. It’s much more the media, specially the videos. I personnally need at least 256 Gb. More would be nice.

as far as I remember correctly from one of their comments on a blog posts was that Nitrophone primarily aims at extending their product lineup (Nitrokey, Nitrowall, Nextbox, …) as well as offering this product to people who are not able to / don’t want to install GrapheneOS manually. But essentially it’s just a Pixel with preinstalled GrapheneOS…

Then there is not point buying this product.

Thanks for the explanation.

Have a nice day

You mean far from the only issue in terms of space.
That being said, videos are long indeed, but micro sd cards could help.

Btw, even grapheneOS, is miles better than android.

Oh btw, to correct myself, 1TB is definitely possible!

Don’t know about 2TB though yet…

The difference, is considerably less dialing to google and also, its way more secure.

I think a good comparison would be, like having intel me on a third gen intel device with linux on it and it still being active vs windows on that same device.

It is a lot better, but still not ideal… someone can correct me if I am wrong and if its better than this.

My question is why is there no 512GB version? Do you guys know? Now the whole world of self-publishing is very demanding for memory, maybe I shoot a few sets of videos, it will take up most of the space on the phone, for the higher version of the machine we are yearning for, I hope you will launch the 512GB version of the machine. Also, about the pixel7Pro will there be a corresponding case? I would like to buy them together. Thanks.

I have zero clue, but as I said micro sd cards to exist up to 1TB.

Actually, I should also mention something, for various, irritating, reasons, I have in fact had, an android phone, which I would love to get rid of in the future, because google is awful.

Usa is a mess when it comes to privacy and their desires to make having a phone be a requirement.

Point being, what do you do if you cannot use specific services, that require 2FA, regrettably so.

Also, not sure if its possible to use carriers on grapheneos, or what would happen if I did.

Its a long story, will post about this elsewhere though…