Nitrophone Kill Switch?

Dear all,

i wonder how to activate the „kill switch“ option?

  • Automatic kill switch: Automatically shutdown after inactivity of configured time period.*

Only found the option to -reboot- the device after xx minutes of inactivity.

Thanks for your support!



the idea behind this option is that the device turn back in to the encrypted stage after some time, therefore it shutdown and then starts again (rebooting). so yeah there wording is a bit off but it actuality does what it needed to do :smiley: and it safes you time when you want to use it again.

Thanks for the clarification.
I already thought something like that.
The term shutdown is in fact misleading, since it means turning off the device (imho).
What about changing the sentence to something like:
„Automatically reboots after inactivity of configured time period“

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Hi everyone, I started my nitrophone 2, tried to do all settings but no matter how fast I go the Google Pixel 6 phone shuts down faster as I can finalize the settings. I have come to network settings but no chance I can never be fast enough to get the GrapheneOS successfully starting (and adapting the time settings for the kill switch). What can I do to manage starting my Nitrophone 2?

Hey @eljakim.seemann ,

this should not happen, do you have the phone connected to the power supply during this process ?

Overall the kill-switch should also only trigger, if you are not using the smartphone, so I would currently not assume this has something to do with it…

If you continue to observe this behavior, please write to support (at) nitrokey (dot) com together with your SOxxxxx number so we can have a closer look at the issue for you.


Hi, yes I have plugged in the USB cabel while starting the Nitrophone 2. After entering my PIN I succeed until the request of fingerprint which calls again for my PIN but I cannot enter my PIN again because the OS is immediately shutting down, I cannot re-enter the PIN fast enough. When can we call tomorrow?
Kind regards
Eljakim Seemann

Soooooo, this is really weird and the phone is then completely shut down? Can you tell “how” the phone shuts down, more like it a “planned thing” (screen slowly dimming until it’s off) or is it abrupt and feels like someone pulled the plug?

Generally we do not offer technical support via phone, but I think the next step (please also answer the questions above), would be to continue through direct email contact, please write an E-Mail to support(at)nitrokey(dot)com and make sure to include your order number (looks like this: SOxxxxxxxx).

Clearly this is not an expected behavior, so let’s talk via the support system about the options we have from here.


Looks like a planned thing. The Nitrophone 2 is brand new ( SO957551) and the phone is just immediately showing “shutting down…” and after some 3-4 seconds the phone is off. What can I do? Is there a reset function? Do I have to avoid the finger identification method?