NitroPhone pwned

Hi, I fell victim to a hacker how to check if the system is not spilled? is there any program or other way to check system ? I can provide screenshots if needed.

otherwise the package was open as it came … :thinking:

to verify/check if your device was tampered with, you can use the from GrapheneOS.
For the open package issue, it would be perfect if you could contact us directly Contact | Nitrokey with more information, so we maybe can figured out what was happening.

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@nesti Is it what you mean ?

Im also create acc at

@@ As for the package, it was very poorly packed, nitrokey seals were broken … as if someone had opened it for me, meybe blue bastards… hehe :smiley:

@@ anyone got somthing like this ?
I cant even click “x” i need to press 10 times…