Nitrophone USB earbud disconnect click

I have posted a system trace from developer mode on the Graphene OS Element app (Matrix, user “graphenedating”) chat 10/21. It is not possible to upload .perfetto here. It was suggested to me that I make an issue on GitHub. I thought I would try here first.

When USB earbuds are connected to the phone, an iambic (click-clack) noise is made and the audio output is interrupted. This click-clack happens several times with no discernable regularity as if it were at will to a remote source. The issue began after the latest update to Android 14.

I even reset my phone entirely to factory defaults and the issue remains.

New USB earbud hardware works as usual. I suspect rf interference or some incompatibility introduced in Android 14 that disrupted the dual charge and listen adapter/'DAC."