NK3 A mini / NK3C NFC -- U2F not working

Hello everybody,
i tried to add both adapters from different OS (win10, Linux Ubuntu and Debian) as MFA into my Nextcloud (v26.0.2), but it will not succesfull finalized.

NK3’s is up to date from firmware (1.5.0). All test with nitropy nk3 test --pin “mysecret” are ended with success.

A Test from site https://webauthn.io/ will succesful too.

In Nextcloud (v26.0.2) will get the dialog prompt fo inserting the PIN. This action is succesful and i must approve with an tap, but no further is happened.

There occure no error messages.

Do you have any security/privacy add-ons which might cause the issue?

There are no special add-ons active. Has been tested after a fresh installs of any OS, too.

I found a similar problem at this thread " Nitrokey 3: Schlüssel lässt sich nicht dem Google-Konto hinzufügen"


I had exactly the same Problem with my NK3. In firefox i changed some configuration about “webauth”. Just go to about:config and serch for “webauth” and check options to true. Now my NK3`s work again.

Nothing happened. Both NK3 (A mini / C NFC) currently not usable.