NK3 A mini not working with Nitrokey forum


I am trying to use my NK3 A mini as a second factor (physical security key) for the Nitrokey forum (support.nitrokey.com). However, when I try to register the key, it times out. Things I have checked:

  • I did select the “usb security key” in the browser pop-up
  • I tried in Brave (1.52, with shields up and down) and Chrome (114.0)
  • I am using the key successfully as a second factor with github
  • I installed nitropy and ran the test successfully

I am running Fedora 38. The firmware version on the key is 1.5.0.

I would be grateful for any hints.

Best regards


FIDO 2 doesn’t work for me after firmware update from 1.3.1 to 1.5.0, Nitrokey 3A

I am disappointed that after several months nothing has been done on this issue. There was no response, no firmware update, nothing. At this stage, I think it is better to just go with Yubikey, as it has much better support with the services I use and seems to be the more mature solution.

I confirm this forum, and others based on this software (discourse.org) don’t work with Nitrokey 3. They do work with other keys, like some platform keys and YubiKey 5.

Have you tried the test release at Releases · Nitrokey/nitrokey-3-firmware · GitHub
I guess that v1.6.0 would had been the next firmware update, but since there was a report of bricked hardware after the upgrade it has been removed as a regular firmware update.

With a nitrokey 3 A nfc, the version 1.6.0 allow me to use u2f, fido2 (webauth), ssh, gpg with firefox and ungoogled chromium.

I just use it as 2fa on this forum, so it works with the latest test firmware.

Some test release between 1.5.0 and 1.6.0 did make my key not usable for u2f on some site on firefox (depending on which version).

Good to know 1.6.0 will possibly fix this problem. Thanks.

@monwarez BTW did you experience any improvements with NFC with the new version?

I don’t use NFC since my phone does not support it, so no idea.

I didn’t succeed with firmware 1.7.0, do us all a favour and communicate it loud and proud - no nitrokeys on our forums :grin: