NK3 FIDO2 MacOS Registration timeout is very short

I’ve been using my Nitrokey 3A mini [fw 1.6.0] for FIDO2/CTAP authentication with Firefox on MacOS [Sonoma 14.3] for some time now, however with a recent update, firefox [121.0] has switched to using the system passkey UI that Safari also uses.

Initially I thought the new UI didn’t work with the Nitrokey but instead it turns out that the timeout for registering a passkey using the MacOS system UI is only around 1 seconds from the moment the UI is invoked, even before selecting the type of passkey to use. Does anyone have a similar experience or any idea as to why this is?
Considering the behavior also happens with Safari, I imagine it’s an issue with the Platform passkey API on MacOS as I don’t have similar issues on Windows or Linux. This isn’t an issue when actually using the key once it’s registered; The timeout (if any) for using the key seems to be a lot longer.

Note that this doesn’t prevent registering a key as I can simply hold my finger on the presence ring before starting registration.

If this turns out to be intended behavior, it might be nice to add this to the MacOS FAQ for the nitrokey 3 since this is different to Windows and Linux from my experience.