NK3 OpenPGP card reset code

Hi there, I’m new to NK3 and GPG, I tried to set a reset code according to Set PINs - Nitrokey Documentation but it rejects my 6 digit code while it accepts a 8 digit code.

So, is documentation wrong about that requirement of 6 character or is it a bug?

The Reset Code must have a minimal length of 6 characters and maximal length of 127 characters. It can contain alphanumeric characters, including special characters such as punctations.

Hi @SW9Ye,

The documentation is indeed incorrect. The minimum length for the reset code is 8 digits or characters.

We will update the documentation. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for clarification.

An other slightly on topic question (related to documentation).
I’ve read through OpenPGP Key Generation With Backup - Nitrokey Documentation because I don’t want to loose my keys in case of someone bricks my keys by (un)intentionally entering a wrong Admin PIN 3 times. But I don’t like the idea of having my secret keys laying around as a file.
Have you thought about giving that part of documentation an other chapter on how to split up the secret keys using shamir’s secret sharing (i.e. as secrets on other nitro keys or QR Code etc.) so one can distribute information to recover the secret keys, which wouldn’t reveal the secret key inadvertently?

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