No support in Paypal (germany)

Hey there!
after talking to an employer from paypal, there is no support for hardware stick on paypal. The safety key they mean, is some kind of app (google or symantec) which generates some keys. Creepy.

best regards

Hi, what do you mean with no support? I’m using my Nitrokey 3 with PayPal. Also you could use the OTP Store on Nitrokey 2 Pro (and soon also NK 3) for generating OTPs.

you use Nitrokey 3 with paypal in germany??

Sure, I use OTP in paypal, but I wanted to use the NK3. No way in germany, as it seems.

Not sure what you mean with PayPal in Germany, since I’m using the regular service where I have no issues adding Nitrokey 3 as a security key. And yes, I also live in Germany and use this account to purchase goods and services with it.

strange… if i choose “safety key” as two factor authentification, it just dissappears and nothing happens. Support told me, that there is no support for Nitrokeys.

Maybe try updating the Firmware of the Nitrokey 3 or check if it works with a different browser.
I’m not 100% sure but as far as I remember there used to be an issue with some services (Google / Microsoft) using an older NK3 Firmware.
As mentioned above: works without issues for me on the latest NK3 Firmware.

ok, I try to get nitropy running, but had no luck under QubesOS till now.
But I try it again, after update.

works after upgrading the firmware to 1.2.2!