Old Datasheets available?

Are the old datasheets for HSM V1 , Pro V1 etc. anywhere available ? As I still have these keys and want to use them e.g. with RaspBerryPi, sometimes it could be helpfull to understand which Curve is not supported :smiley:

Good idea to have that on the main page.

I do not have fact sheet, but for now specification should answer your question as well. Nitrokey Pro v1 is using OpenPGP 2.x smart card. The exact version of the smart card is shown e.g. in the GnuPG smart card details screen. It’s specification could be found e.g. here:
https://gnupg.org/ftp/specs/ - for v2.2 it would be https://gnupg.org/ftp/specs/OpenPGP-smart-card-application-2.2.pdf. Pro v2 has OpenPGP v3.3.

As for HSM v1, it is using HSM 2.x smart card. I do not remember right now, where details of it could found.

@nitroalex @jan: could you provide please further info?

I can’t upload files to this forum, thus sending you the datasheets via

Hi again,

the HSM datasheet was version 1, but the Pro was already Version 2. Do you still have a Version 1 datasheet for the Pro ?

By the way, can we keep them on Github? Similarly to hardware datasheets, like here: https://github.com/Nitrokey/nitrokey-pro-hardware/tree/master/datasheets

IMHO - that makes sense. At least a way to find it in the middle of the night :smiley:


I tried to improve the FAQ a bit. You may have a look if I missed something. I was not sure about HSM though. Is the part below the table actually accurate for the HSM 1?

Kind regards

I can’t tell if it is accurate for HSM v1, but if, I would also put it into a column. Much faster to identify, that RSA4096 is not supported. In generic I think it is a good idea as you also have then a comparision between the keys. But how many keys are stored is not visible (e.g. HSM 2 stores much more )

Therefore I still believe publishing the former datasheets could be a benefit. You might need to watermark it to prevent wrong impressions in case somebody is sending them around.

Sure, that was my intention :smile:

Good idea! I will see if it fits there.

Yes, of course. This was just meant as a additional mean to provide the info.

… yeah, - from my experience I can tell: be aware that any additional , duplicate information also means duplicate the administration :smiley:

Now the factsheets of our previous models’ version 1 are available here:
Nitrokey Pro 1 (German, English), Nitrokey HSM 1 (German, English), Nitrokey Storage 1 (German, English)

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Factsheets are now included in the faq part too.

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Nice Integration - a bit hard to find that I have to click on the heading. Here comes my QM identity: how about a hint or symbol to find faster ?

True. :sweat_smile: