Only 2GB available on Nitrokey Storage 64GB

Nitrokey Storage 2 64 GB - Firmware 0.57 - NitroApp 1.4 - Windows 10 Pro

I am a beginner with Nitrokey. I connect my new Nitrokey Storage 2 64 GB to the PC and the drive D: (Fat32) with 2 GB size is mounted. When I click on “Unlock encrypted volume” in the NitroApp and enter the password, a new drive f: is mounted, which also has a size of 2 GB (Fat32). However, this is not the 60 GB that should be available. In addition, I can copy files to this drive f:, but after a few seconds the PC hangs (reproducible). When I try to reformat the drive, Windows only gives me 2GB as the maximum capacity of the USB stick. What am I doing wrong? How can I make the full 60 GB+ available in the encrypted area?

I’m not on windows, but it sounds like you only are dealing ith the small 2Gb partition that appears all the time, is read-only by default, and just contains all the apps and drivers for any machine to access Nitrokey further.
This small partition can indeed be turned writeable (I did it once to add my photo and coordinates in it) but this definitely should not be confused with the largest 60Gb currently hidden in the key.

Moreover, from your writing it’s a bit unclear which password you are entering.
Did you indeed install the Nitrokey app on your windows machine, run it, define passwords fo the key, etc? (sorry if that’s obvious, but the Nitrokey passwords are definitely NOT your windows one)

Also check create or format disk utility. A fresh initialized device may appear unformatted as raw disk that does not get mounted without filesystem.