Option “Enable Firmware Upgrade” doen’t exist

My Storage 2 is on 0.53 and I see 0.54 is the latest.
There is no “Configure -> Enable Firmware Update” in the Nitrokey App.
I am on osX using the brew install method. App version 1.4.0.

There is no “Configure” anywhere. I cannot right-click anything.

Oh. I just found it. In “dark mode”, the icon in the menu bar is almost invisible.
You need to make it visible.

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Could you provide a screenshot please? I would use it to file a bug report.

Confirmed the same via email. I see what’s the problem now, thank you!

This issue was already reported, but have not been taken care of in the current release. I have increased the priority to high, and will surely look into it whenever possible.
The mentioned issue: https://github.com/Nitrokey/nitrokey-app/issues/369. And similar to this problem: https://github.com/Nitrokey/nitrokey-app/issues/366.