OS QUBES serious

QUBES OS works fine. But for the next steps I need some further information.

  1. can someone please explain the advantages of
    QUBES OS versus UBUNTU + VirtualBOX VMs

  2. does someone know the people behind QUBES OS.

Thank you


  1. Ubuntu + Virtual Box has a huge attack surface, spezial Ubuntu in its Default config is directly exposed to your USB stack and network interface. dom0 in Qubes is isolated from USB and Network see here Getting started | Qubes OS . Virtual Box in the past had quit more critical issues the xen wich is also much longer around and therefor quit tested specially in big server environments where virtual box is never used.
    For comparison have a look here:
    Oracle Vm Virtualbox : Security vulnerabilities, CVEs
    XEN : Security vulnerabilities, CVEs

  2. The people behind qubes are well known see here
    Team | Qubes OS

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Very Helpfull, Thank you very much.

I’m going to follow the CVE differences
and explorer XEN further.

About the people, I’ll keep trying to get in touch with them.

Tech and people need to be checked and OK
before we can think about a broader use in sensitive cases.

Thanks again.