OTP via android device?

I would like to know if the use of an android device to generate OTP token, with nitrokey pro connected with an OTG cable is a reasonable thought (on a security level), and if yes, whether there were development in this way…
The user case : I want to acces my webmail which uses OTP authentication on a “foreign” computer, and cannot use the nitrokey app on this computer (no USB slot available). I do not have my own PC, but I have an android phone, if I could plug the key and use an app to generate token, I could access my webmail with OTP.

Deactivating OTP doesn’t seem secure at all to me in this case, using a “quite unknown” computer to access it…

Maybe this was already asked in this german topic : Nitrokey multidevices
but my languages skills are limited… (sorry for my bad english too !)

Thanks !


while this is a reasonable thought, the use case is not that common in my point of view. Very view people are willing to carry a USB OTG cable to use OTP on their phone. This is already possible for usage of PGP keys on android with Openkeychain though.

The problem is that there is no App which is able to actually use Nitrokey’s OTP functionality yet. We would love to see such thing, but it is not a fast-forward thing to do and not often requested. To sum up: we are open for such functionality, but it is not on our priority list, sorry.

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Hi @stoutouloutou !
So basically what you need is a Nitrokey App in mobile version. We plan that in the long term, with Nitrokey App rewritten to Qt’s QML. Currently though there are no apps on Android to support OTP/PWS/Encrypted Volumes.

As Alex said. However we could offer our help / support the development as well, if someone would start it.