Packaging question

I received my Nitrokey a few days ago and it was in a resealable small transparent zip bag. I mentioned this to my friend casually and he mentioned that his nitrokey came in a sealed bag that is opaque and cannot be resealed.

Is this normal? Or is the product possibly being switched in transit? Could Nitrokey post some images of packaging for us to compare?

I got mine in a zip bag (pink) with a nitrokey sticker

cc @jan

Any official explanation for the packaging change?

Nitrokeys are always shipped in non-sealed zippers, of different color.

SmartCard-HSMs (aka Nitrokey HSMs) are shipped electronically sealed, indicated by the “never-initialized” state.

Additionally, the device authentication certificate is issued by a production PKI under our control. As the device authentication key is generated on the device and can not be exported, you can be reasonably sure that the device is genuine and has not been tampered in transit.