Parallel usage of 2 tokens is not working

I have create 2 keypairs (private and business) and I use 1 token for each key.
However, I don’t use the same token. Instead 1 token is “Nitrokey pro” and the other “YubiKey 5 NFC”.

Any token is working fine in single usage, but when I plugin both tokens only 1 is working. This means parallel usage of the tokens fails.

I think that only that token is working that is displayed with gpg --card-status.

Can you please advise how to trouble-shoot this issue?


Unfortunately, it looks like GnuPG is not able to handle multiple smartcards yet. I am sorry.

The only solution is to do, like you probably already do – unplugging the device you do not want to use.

On the other hand, it should be working in the next major release, 2.3.0 (current is 2.2.20).

I have found this snippet, which shows currently detected smart cards by the scdaemon for the future debugging:

echo scd getinfo reader_list | gpg-connect-agent --decode | awk '/^D/ {print $2}'