Permanent flashing yellow LED

I have two nextbox that worked perfectly but recently one of them (only accessible locally) can’t update. The LED flashes yellow indefinitely.
Not finding a solution, I tried a factory reset but after the red flashing the yellow LED flashes again constantly.
Is it possible to have 2 nextbox on the same local network?
How to fix the problem?


2 NextBoxes in one network should not be a problem. But during the update it downloads new docker images sometimes (for Version jumps in Nextcloud mostly) and it can happen that if this fails to often and you run in to automatic block for 6 hours, so this can be the reason here.
Maybe switch it off for 6 hours and then start it again if this does not help contact and we see what we can do

Indeed everything is back to normal after a shutdown and a restart of the nextbox.
So maybe I wouldn’t have had to do a full reset.

A big thank you to you.

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