Pixel 6 tensor & picture enhancement usable?

Hi there,
I liked the pixel 6 phone but did not consider it because it’s from Google, for privacy and sovereignty reasons. So, great to see Nitrokey building on top of pixel 6.

Can the pixel hardware capabilities be enjoyed without suffering from google hook-ups?
Can the tensor SoC and “magical” picture enhancement be used with NitroPhone? Without Google services and stuff?


the tensor soc is definitely used by grapheneos for the image processing I’m not 100% sure

roughly transcribed from the GraphenOS matrix channel:

  • the current GrapheneOS camera app uses HDR+ (software-based) and the provided hardware interfaces
  • therefore in daylight scenarios the pictures should be on a comparable level to stock gcam
  • the CameraX api is currently not used (I suppose this also includes the tensor cores & picture enhancement “magic”) but is planned to be used in the near future™
  • this will mainly be visible in low-light scenarios, there currently the performance will be worse compared to stock-gcam
  • you can also use the stock-gcam, but it will need google services to be installed
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Thanks for the reply.
Now I found the info on the Graphene website: Usage guide | GrapheneOS
So, let’s hope that support of the tensor SoC will be enhanced.

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