Pkcs11 on mageia


Only for people like me using Mageia. The pkcs11 tool is not supported on Mageia but a simillar tool called p11-kit.


Sorry . I guess this tool is not what I thought.

From the RHEL doku I found

RHEL provides the OpenSC PKCS #11 driver for smart cards by default. However, hardware tokens and HSMs can have their own PKCS #11 modules that do not have their counterpart in the system.
You can register such PKCS #11 modules with the p11-kit tool, which acts as a wrapper over the registered smart-card drivers in the system.

To make your own PKCS #11 module work on the system, add a new text file to the /etc/pkcs11/modules/ directory

You can add your own PKCS #11 module into the system by creating a new text file in the /etc/pkcs11/modules/ directory

This is not what I want to do -do I?



The tool is contained in opensc. There is a rpm available for Mageia 9.

Thanks yes I found it. It’s already installed.