Please looking for the answer

Hi Nitrokey-team,

on 06 Jul 2022 you confirmed my question by mail, on 11 Jul 2022 a mail with excuse for the waiting and that it should take long for my answer. Since we are neighbours country you can’t get lost, but you should told me that you plan that trip “walking” indeed by car, 6 monate later still no answer… ticket number is HT3099.

Because of that I changed direction and waited for the Google Pixel 7 Pro came out, but then with the for me not importent differents between 6/7, choose bought the new old stock Google Pixel 6 Pro and took the chance/ risk as a noob to download GrapheneOS myself and everything worked out fine so far.

I want to mention to the ones placed many negative comments about the price here in Nitrokey, for the Nitrophone what is “just” a Google Pixel with free downloaded software…I feel you guys but on the other side…
I don’t know the numbers but yes there is a small chance when download the GrapheneOS on the Pixel that something might goes wrong, without a way to continue GrapheneOS or go back to download the oem Google Android software like it was before you then know that you did screw things up, go check any search-engine and spend the day with reading horror stories yourself. Most of the time everything goes like it should be without any problems, then have a company giving this insurance to do this at some costs isn’t bad or illegal, but a free choice to us. I love to have dinner outside, the restaurant charge me triple or more for the same food when I buy and cook it myself. Do I need to continue? Not even mention when you D.I.Y phone need tech support, shall be find by search for it yourself, Nitrokey give that to their customers. (Just they are slow answer questions, lol)

Back on topic and almost ready to ask my question again in good faith for a fast answer this time. For me from Apple it is a huge step and I try to read as many can get when have some quality time for myself. I did learn how to use etc etc, but I really don’t like the curved screen what I thought to get used to. So I am gonna sale the 6 Pro and buy the 6, or 7 with flat screen.

I was and still am really into the option Nitrokey offers to remove microphones, sensors and cameras. What brings me to my question I still need to can make the dissuasion for buy it this time from Nitrokey?

I am a little hold back when others do this without be able to see it in person, so can you comfortable me with the fact the person doing this is a perfectionist with love for his work because I can’t find many reviews from others who did bought this option to do. I do see “pro’s” in normal phone repair shops and they not always work “clean”, if I buy a new phone and pay a little extra, then pay a little more for the options, I hate it when it arrived at my home and see some minor scratches on it, or they didn’t put a new “seal” inside for better fit and be waterproof again after opened. This was my original question in the mail, when you open a phone for example replace the screen, there is a (blue?) seal inside, with opening it shall damage and better is to put back a new one when build back again. If you not put a new seal/ plastic, is it an option to add on? Some might call me crazy, but I don’t care spend some extra (for do the download and options) because I always take good care my stuf so I can enjoy it to the fullest!

Have a nice day, M.

Nope, generally we can not guarantee that the seal is in factory-state - and we also have no option to replace it. So once we remove the sensors we cannot assure that it is still sealed.

@daringer I was having trouble following what he said I admit, but I would rather have minor scratches than backdoor hell open 100% of the time on a phone I wanted to use regularly.