Possible to change harddrive, ram?

Hi i have a nitropad x230 and im having
i5 2,6ghz
16gb ram
120gb storage

Im wondering if i can upgrade the ram and storage? This is just to make it more usable until i add a nitropc.

What is the maximum spec u can have on the nitropad x230?

for RAM this is not possible 16 GB is already the maxium support by the mainboard. Storage is certainly possible but you would have to reinstall Qubes and restore your backup

The x230 can have additional storage via USB, ExpressCard Slot (untested), SDCard (non-bootable), exchange of the 2,5" ssd/hdd, additional mSATA SSD in the slot of the UMTS modem.

The MicroSD adapters often work with Macbooks and might be tricky to remove as they disappear in the slot. USB can be easily removed / changed but also easily lost.

I have a dual setup with 256GB SSD as 2,5" drive and a mSATA SSD. They disappear from the market now as they are superseeded by M.2 PCIe SSD / NVME and you have to be careful to choose the proper model. I can confirm that 1TB mSATA work.