Pre order of Nitrokey 3A NFC

Hi, I’m interested in the Nitrokey 3A NFC. In the shop (Nitrokey 3A NFC | there is only a pre order available, the delivery is planed for summer 2021. I wondered, when it will be possible to get the Nitrokey. Are there any news regarding the level of production and delivery?


Yes. We have a status page, but it’s a bit hidden unfortunately. See this one here:

Status Update, 8/25/2021
The development of the Nitrokey 3C NFC casing has been completed.
Planned delivery date for the PCBs is week 40. The subsequent assembly is planned with a few days.

Thanks for your fast reply! Does that mean, that the Nitrokey 3C will be delivered prior to the Nitrokey 3A?

I was sure date is for both -A and -C models, but let me check that.

@User1 Both should be released around the same time