Problem setting up nitrokey pro 2 for GPG ssh authentication

We have just purchased a nitrokey pro 2 to evaluate with the intention to purchase more if they meet our needs.

We intend to load it/them with PGP private keys and use them for authentication to access our local network from remote machines.

I am having problems setting up the nitrokey2 to work on a windows 10 machine.

I have successfully followed the instructions to generate openpgp keys (on a linux box) and install them on to the nitrokey - following

I have installed GPG4Win on a windows 10 laptop but things start going wrong from here.
With the nitrokey plugged in to the laptop,

gpg --card-status correctly shows the details of the card and shows that the rsa keys are stored on the card.

However, gpg -k or gpg -K report nothing at all.

I have set up gog-connect to enable putty support but I am unable to connect to our internal network from putty - it just sits there until it falls over.

Am I missing something here?

You need to import the public key to the Win10 machine or have a URL location of the pubkey inserted in the corresponding field of the Nitrokey. See here last section “Exporting Public Key and Keyserver Usage”.

Does this help?