Problems with Librem Key and NitroKey-App

good afternoon,
i just got a Librem Key (aka NitroKey Pro 2) and i am trying to get NitroKey-App working with it, both in qubes and windows the software does not see the key,
i was told by purism that i need libnitrokey >=3.6 i only have 3.5 in debian (Qubes repo) and on windows i didnt look but it was a fresh download today.

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully new Nitrokey App will have a release for Windows in the next weeks.
However your Librem Key should already work under Linux, with the updated libnitrokey as mentioned. Perhaps building libnitrokey from source to replace the system package would be a workaround, though certainly not a handy one.
What Debian version do you use? Perhaps I could build a .deb package and attach it to releases for the time being.

i am running Qubes 4.1 atm,
when i try and build the library i get stuck on hidapi-libusb missing

I have published a couple of packages built under Fedora 34 and Ubuntu 20.04:

Please note, that these are not tested, specifically under Qubes 4.1. I expect however that they would work fine. Please let me know otherwise.