Qubes OS 4.1rc1?

Hey there!

Does anyone know how to install Qubes OS 4.1 test version on the Nitropad x230?
When booting the USB I get 9 different options. mainly focusing on the two different “Install” options. Regardless of what option I take, I will always end up at a Dracut initqueue timeout. Tried multiple USBs in both ISO and DD mode, all 3 ports of my nitropad, and nothing seems to work. I went to the Nitropad page and noticed that the iso downloads there are specifically labled qubes-nitropad… I tried the (only available version) 4.0.4 iso and it worked. To complete my testing I used a generic 4.0.4 iso from the qubes homepage. voila, same error. Something tells me this nitropad is more proprietary than expected. Will we get a 4.1 upgrade?

So i just saw this. Is there anyway to free ourselves from the Heads Boot Menu so that we can just freely update our qubes OS?

Right now i lost access to my main qubes os because of so many errors that i ended up resetting my keys and now i dont have a new os or the old one lol.

How do i replace heads boot menu?


4.1 is working you need to update your Firmware if you still on 1.3.1 Firmware Update v1.4+ - Nitrokey Documentation . We testing 4.1.1-rc1 at the moment and it looks good issues we had with 4.1 that blocked the publishing seems to be resolved so I’m confident that we will soon have a 4.1.1 nitropad/nitropc oem release. But till then you can use the 4.1. Vanilla image.

You would need an external flasher for that with the original bios, this is not an easy task, i recommend updating the firmware

Honestly, just stick with heads. my Issues have long been resolved, I just completely forgot this place existed. Just updated heads and call it a day. Works flawless

Updated firmware But now i am getting this error:

Warning: /dev/root does not exist.

They it goes into some shell that freezes the screen. Have you enconuntered that? For now someone told me to look at a log file but i need to go to it first.

I see so you think should just stick with the nitrokey qubes iso instead the official qubes iso.

The official Qubes images works well. Our images actually just are heavy automated official image + the nitrokey app preinstalled. So no real differences