Qubes OS 4.1rc1?

Hey there!

Does anyone know how to install Qubes OS 4.1 test version on the Nitropad x230?
When booting the USB I get 9 different options. mainly focusing on the two different “Install” options. Regardless of what option I take, I will always end up at a Dracut initqueue timeout. Tried multiple USBs in both ISO and DD mode, all 3 ports of my nitropad, and nothing seems to work. I went to the Nitropad page and noticed that the iso downloads there are specifically labled qubes-nitropad… I tried the (only available version) 4.0.4 iso and it worked. To complete my testing I used a generic 4.0.4 iso from the qubes homepage. voila, same error. Something tells me this nitropad is more proprietary than expected. Will we get a 4.1 upgrade?