Qubes OS Installation…ERROR,Pane is dead,etc

Ist zustand (Actual state):
Ich möchte Qubes OS neu Installieren. Festplatte habe ich mit gparted formatiert.
Ich bin jetzt schon über mehrere Wochen. Monate, daran Qubes OS zu installieren und ich erhalte nur Fehlermeldungen.
I want to reinstall Qubes OS. I have formatted the hard disk with gparted .
I have been trying to install Qubes OS for several weeks. Months, to install Qubes OS and I get only error messages.

Soll zustand (Target state): Install Qubes OS

Meine bisherigen Lösung Ansätze (My previous solution approaches):

Vorallem habe ich eine Zeitlang einen 32Gb USB-Stickverwendet und habe die ISO in Rufus nicht im DD-IMAGE Modus verwendet. Jetzt. Verwende ich einen 8Gb USB-Stick.

First of all, I used a 32Gb USB stick for a while and did not use the ISO in Rufus in DD-IMAGE mode. Now. I use an 8Gb USB stick.

-Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS

Ist es möglich das dies mein Problem ist? Was mein Ihr? Is it possible that this is my problem? What do you mean?

-Installation troubleshooting | Qubes OS

Ich weiss nicht mehr weiter im Moment. I don’t know what to do at the moment.

Hier verwende ich die Nitrokey Qubes OS ISO.
Here I use the Nitrokey Qubes OS ISO.

Hier sind Bilder des ganzen Vorgangs. Was über sehe ich? Was mache ich falsch?
Here are pictures of the whole process. What am I not seeing? What am I doing wrong?
Der ganze Vorgang dauert 8 minuten.

Das selbe habe ich auch wen ich versuche ein OEM Instalation vorzunehmen.
I have the same problem when I try to do an OEM installation.

Auch mit der aktuelen Qubes OS Version habe ichs versucht.
I also tried with the current Qubes OS version.

Kein Erfolg.No success.

Hilfe, Tipps, alles was mich irgendwie weiterbringen könnte.
Help, tips, anything that could help me in any way.

Danke im voraus.
Many thanks in advance.

Not sure whether you are getting any help with this already. But there’s a lot going on here. I can’t talk about the Qubes install. But on the Heads side of things, it looks like you should try resetting the TPM and then, in that process, setting new HOTP and TOTP secrets. You could also, if you’ve not got any data stored on your Nitrokey (e.g. TOTP codes) do an “OEM Factory Reset” (an option presented in Heads’ menus) and just have the system set everything right from the start. That will wipe clean your Nitrokey, create a new GPG key (saving the public key to an external USB if you ask it to), set your Nitrokey PIN and Admin PIN, reset the TPM and set a TPM password, and generate new TOTP and HOTP secrets.

If it were me, I would focus on getting Heads set up right before moving onto Qubes, instead of pushing through a Heads that isn’t set up straight to the Qubes installer. Frankly, what I would do is get the basics of Heads sorted, install something simpler like Ubuntu, run the initial OS update and go through a couple of reboots to make sure everything with Heads is working right, and then once that is sorted I’d move onto Qubes. In that process, if something like Ubuntu won’t install or boot and you get the kind of blank screens you have with the Qubes install, then you will have a better sense of where the problem lies (i.e. there will be something more foundational than with Qubes).

Hope that helps and that you are getting some help for your Nitropad.

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