Question about nitrokey HSM

whats the differents between netHSM and nitrokey HSM?
aren’t they basically the same thing?
also, it sounds like the same thing as some of the feaatures of the nitrokeys, EG ble to hold certificates, etc.
by the way, i know this is not related to the topic, but what kind of forum program do you guys use? i find it cool, especially being a blind person.
sorry if that is off topic.

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The Nitrokey HSM and netHSM are both Hardware Security Modules, but they serve different purposes. While netHSM is a 19" rackserver, Nitrokey HSM comes in a USB form factor, which means they can handle varying numbers of signing or encryption operations

The Nitrokeys provide various features that are offered in different combinations, such as storage and increased security through the use of a smartcard to hold the key material.

The forum software is Discourse.

o wow.
that is pretty cool.