Recommended partition table and file system for encrypted volume?


I deleted the encrypted volume of my Nitrokey Storage 2 because I was not able to fit a 9GB file in it. Since creating a new encrypted volume or rather partition isn’t covered by the app I am curious what the ideal partition table and file system would be to minimize the chance of failure and/or data loss.


IMHO this depends on your operation system. I am using macOS and so the apple file system is best for me. If you have files greater 2GB you should not use FAT. I also had some trouble with large files in generic, as the stick communication was at that time not stable enough (Storage V1) - so storage was not limited by the file system rather than the random aborts of the transfer.

Depending on your size of the Storage V2 and your compatibility requirements ( multiple OS ) exFAT or EXTx could be a good choice. For partitiontable format I would recommend GPT. Block size should be 512K as the storage is an SD. Remember that the un-encrypted partition has always a 2GB size from the firmware.


Hi Tomasz!

Just wanted to add what @Peacekeeper said, that if you are planning to use the Hidden Volume (HV) feature with size bigger than half of the Encrypted Volume (EV), you should not use NTFS file system, or any other which writes its backup in the middle of the volume, otherwise you risk damaging the EV with a HV.
I am not sure whether EXTx is supported across all OSes natively, and would go rather exFAT. One way or another, this is transparent to the device, as it is working on the volumes rather than partitions, and you can have any configuration there. This is true for Unencrypted Volume, EV, and HV.
In case you have used the SD card outside of the device please remember of overwriting it with random data (by invoking “initialization” procedure), so that encrypted data location would not be revealed by simple inspection.


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So exFAT it is.

What is the default for the encrypted volume?

Right now the default set in the production is FAT32 to ensure maximum compatibility, both UV and EV.

Thanks. I guess I will use exFAT with the GPT because copying big files didn’t work out for me with the factory new, FAT32 formatted, Nitrokey Storage 2 EV.

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