Regarding nitrophone,

are carriers supported, with cmda or lte?
Also wondering about calling quality, carrier support, unofficial apks that it supports, doesn’t have to be google’s usual crap.
2FA, which I detest, but some services require this and just other apks in general.
I do recall there are other ways to install stuff from that garbage play store that are open source regarding the frontend tho.
My current phone, doesn’t even eat up 32GB, so storage is a null and void issue completely.
But I don’t know of any other unknown(s) akin to phone usage that would hinder me.
Oh, also, does grapheneos, allow all of this and wondering if anyone has installed replicant on old phones, just to get an idea of how tricky installing grapheneos is, if something goes horribly wrong, or I don’t have enough money to get it here.
My main reason for switching the OS, is because, google doesn’t need multiple ways to collect my information nonstop, etc… also, they don’t need to get funding as a whole either. Them and facebook would be better off dying like twitter is currently.