Reinstallation USB image -- crashes when attempting to check media


I’m in the course of reinstalling Qubes onto a NitroPad using the Nitrokey version of the Qubes image, the one at Operating System Reinstallation - Nitrokey Documentation

When I select “test media and install Qubes” boot option, the kernel starts, starts verifying the media, and around 4% there is a message that is displayed too fast for me to read, and the screen goes blank, and stays that way

However using the “Troubleshooting” boot option, I am able to get the installer to start.

However, this doesn’t seem to provide a way to verify the USB stick.

I re-burned it and the same thing happened, so I am pretty sure that it is not, in fact, an actual problem with the USB medium or this burn causing the test to fail

I was hoping that one of the following would be possible

  • Once Qubes is installed, is there a way to use the package manager to verify that the code for every package is what it should be, i.e. copied correctly?

  • Verify the USB stick in the OS I used to burn it (Ubuntu) as a block device not a partition. Not all the partitions created by the image are mountable in Ubuntu, so verifying the block device as a binary object would be the only way

  • Go through the troubleshooting option and obtain a console instead of the installer, then maybe there is a command to do the same “test media”

I realize errors on USB media are rare, but I wanted to be as sure as possible if there is any way this can work