Reinstalling Qubes

I tried your Debian but there was some problems and now I want Qubes back.
When booting USB it says that ‘premature end of file /images/pxeboot/xen.ggz’

I hit ‘e’ to edit but how? I think it is not trying USB, there is multiboot2 and module2


am i right that you are using a nitropad? What image are you using this ? If not please try this also make sure the sha256sum checks out
5366f3e833c24d7b6e92514cd13a1f3f2d1ffb1b05e1c79b119c4bb322c4fea3 Qubes-R4.1.1-nitropad-oem-x86_64-en.iso
Because it sound a bit like you trying to boot a damaged image