Removing a backup from external storage

Hello I have an external hard drive hooked up to my Nextbox and have multiple backups with different names on it from my nextbox. How do I go about deleting them since I don’t see any option to do this on the nextbox.

I know I could unmount/unplug the drive and plug it into a computer and delete it manually. I also have SSH access so I could to it this way I just not very familier with SSH.

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Hey @AlexW ,

there is a release in the pipeline with a NC update and as an additional bug-fix there is now the possibility to see external storages inside your Nextcloud’s Files using the “External Storage App” from Nextcloud.

This would then be the most comfortable way to achieve what you are asking for, I expect this to be released until end of this week.


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Hi daringer,

are there any news to this topic?

Best regards,

This is already working and in place, since 1.0.19 I think

@daringer Hello Markus,
Reading the above I tried to see what happened with this ‘NC-internal backup’.
Because no external volume appeared mounted I went back to the NC system panel and redeclared my external HD as a mountpoint.

Then, to be on the safe side I asked for an incrementale update ‘the old way’.
I got the progress bar, to 0%, eternally.
Reloading the page lands me on the ‘maintenance mode’ panel. Remote sync via the local daemon also fails.
Of course I am away from home for 10 days :hot_face:

I suppose there is nothing I can do, being away like this?

I have Enabled the External Storage app and can see my backups on the external storage drive but I am unable to delete them.

I get an error saying ‘I am not permitted to delete this file’. I made sure that it wasn’t in read-only when I set up the ‘local’ folder for access.

Hey @AlexW

Yeah, I am afraid this is a feature. The backup and restore operation runs on the host (your NextBox) as root, as it has to handle system files, means the files are also written as root onto your external hard-drive. On the other side Nextcloud itself is running under the user www-data who understandably does not have permissions to modify the as root created. There should also be files within the backup, which belong to www-data but clearly you’ll not be able to delete the backup as a whole.

There is not really much we can do here, the file permissions (mode) have to stay the same for the backup to work. This is obviously a drawback of the current backup/restore approach, in the very near future we will update to Nextcloud 23 and there we will quite fast switch to the Nextcloud Backup App as the NextBox’ backup solution.


Hey @Herve5

you are really unlucky with your hard-drives, this to me looks like the hard-drive created issues during the backup, without physically pressing the button you will not be able to exit the maintainance mode. I would also suggest to directly reboot the system after you did this, it is very likely that the hard-drive is mounted but then failed to write on it.

Really hope that the Nextcloud-23 based backup approach will improve this.


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