Removing private keys

Hi folks, i followed this page and it works ok, but i have a problem, it imports a private key everytime. Follow me.

All files i talk about is located in ~/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d/
I copied my secret and subkeys to the token, removed a device from my pc and delete secret key by this command “gpg2 --delete-secret-key key”. Seems be ok, but i insert a device in pc, and it does not see gnupg keys, but ssh public key works(received from gnupg A subkey). I write ssh IP, enter my server and see a new file in the ~/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d/.
If i want to sign a file by pgp, i need to execute “pgp --card-status” and a few files appears in ~/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d/ so i can do anything with my gpg keys, but then i remove a device from my pc, all files are still in the /.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d/, but they must be removed?
So i execute “gpg2 --delete-secret-key Key” every time i finished my work. As i understand, my system receive secret keys everytime, because i am able to remove a secret key everytime i get them by “pgp --card-status”
What i am doing wrong?

Private kays cant’t be exported or retrieved from Nitrokey Pro, Start and Storage. The “private keys” which appear after executing “gpg --card-status” are just key stubs which point to the keys in the Nitrokey.

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Resolved. Thx