Reset PGP Key to create a new one


i want to reset my pgp key on the device to create a new one. This will reset my password safe and the otp’s?


If you run the smart card reset through the GnuPG (gpg2 --card-editfactory-reset), the PWS and OTPs data will remain - edit: see below.

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The PWS data is encrypted using key material from the OpenPGP smartcard, which is destroyed by the GnuPG factory reset. The PWS is not erased by this operation, but it can no longer be decrypted after the GnuPG factory reset. In order to use it again (with new data), you have to generate a new encryption key for the PWS. This will also clear the OTP slots on the Nitrokey Storage, see this discussion. On the Nitrokey Pro, the OTP slots will not be erased.

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Elaborated here: