Reset whole system on SD card level


I did some manual modifications to the NextBox system and want to do a whole system reset on SD card level now. Is it possible to just rewrite to the SD card the latest NextBox image you published on the file share or is there anything else I will need to take care of?

I found this URL: Index of /files/ci/nextbox with the Image 2023-07-23-NextBox-final.img being latest image correct?

I would assume that the internal hard disk drive needs to get prepared somehow or can I just leave it as it is? I already factory reset the system via reset button 5sec push, but still I need to reinstall somehow the system as other installed services on the Linux system should also be wiped.

Thanks in advance!

I already finished my project and everything worked out. After replacing the old SD card with the freshly flashed one (I chose the image linked above) after first reboot the MySQL configuration was not possible. I had to do factory reset operation again to finally be able to use the new flashed SD with the old installed HDD.