Restarting flash procedure for nitropad nv41

Hi all,
I’m trying to migrate from heads to tianocore. followed the Nitrokey Ubuntu firmware upgrade procedure and unfortunately chose to flash the firmware with a new rom, retain settings. The update is running for 5 hours now and I wonder:

  • Will it ever complete

  • how can i safely restart the flashing without bricking my laptop?

If you chose any other than the Nitrokey supported roms for the machine and started the flash from within heads, it should be bricked already (that’s in fact a feature) and you need a hardware flash (by Nitrokey or a PC repair shop offering such service. Basically a flash device is directly connected to the bios flash rom pins to perform it).
If you instead started the flash from inside your running Ubuntu (i.e. not following the guide) and get it to break the hanging flash, don’t power Linux off before you figure how to best repeat a flash.

Hi ion,
I use the official tianocore image of nitrokey. The upgrade method I used it from HEADS - no OS yet installed. Restarted PC today and managed to get into heads again. This time I selected upgrade without keeping settings. how long I should wait before going to a hw shop?

Good thing. So, it is not bricked (and you don’t need a hw shop already). I don’t want to suggest a time to wait for a device I don’t know. There is a special notice for the NV41 at the end of the update page you linked above. Have a look at that. I would follow that advice first.

Hi ion,
thanks. I tried restarting the Nitropad 3 times after the second flash attempt and am still with heads. So will stop for now and will go to a hardware shop nearby to have it flashed beginning of December. End of the day I may run out of luck if I repeat the procedure over and over again.

Hi oldbonez,
yes, better not stress it. I was checking the Nitrokey firmware options, because I’m not aware an official tianocore image is provided. I did not see it, can you point to it for reference? Besides, I was thinking you may have to remove/replace the official signatures via heads before a flash to something else than a newer/equal heads release (even if you use an official Nitrokey image, it does not read like you are pursueing a supported upgrade path).

Hi ion,
your colleague Simon pointed me this rom. The ticket for the current issue in your support system is [HT49983]. I’m ready to cover some consulting hours to get the issue resolved.
Can you please guide me how to remove/replace the official signatures via heads?
Shall I do factory reset as well?

Hi oldbonez,
good, now I see what rom you mean. That aside, I’m just a regular customer who happens to use a Nitrokey heads laptop too. So, take my suggestions with a grain of salt and ideally wait for their reply on your ticket.
A “factory reset” will not remove signatures, since they are required to verify authenticity (=factory) of the rom. Perhaps your desired tianocore firmware is even signed with the same key and it does not matter. I have not looked into it.

ended up in hw shop. all went fine.

Excellent. Did they end up using the rom you linked above (might be interesting for other owners)?

I used the original rom supplied by Nitrokey. Don’t want to risk with something else