S3 sleep not working for Nitropad NV41 running Qubes OS 4.1.1

I recently purchased and received a new Nitropad NV41. I reset the TPM and reinstalled Qubes OS. The system mostly seems to work, but suspend doesn’t work (despite what is suggested in the last paragraph at NitroPad NS50 | shop.nitrokey.com).
This applies both for running the laptop with kernel version 6.3 and with kernel version 6.1.

Testing for supported suspend modes yields:
# dmesg | grep “ACPI” | grep “support”
[ 1.760521] ACPI: USB4 _OSC: OS supports USB3+ DisplayPort+ PCIe+ XDomain+
[ 2.506230] ACPI: PM: (supports S0 S1 S5)
# cat /sys/power/mem_sleep
[s2idle] shallow

So it looks like s2idle is supported by the laptop (but not by Xen and thus not by Qubes OS), but S3 isn’t.
Considering src/mainboard/clevo/adl-p: S3 suspend support by miczyg1 · Pull Request #283 · Dasharo/coreboot · GitHub which is supposed to fix S3 support in coreboot for NV41s (and I was assuming that Nitrokey would then also use this patch for their version of the NV41s), this is somewhat disappointing.

Is there anyone who managed to fix S3 support for NV41 Nitropads and can help me do the same?

I just realized a potential reason for this issue. I reinstalled Qubes using the latest official Qubes OS from the qubes project. I did not install the Nitrokey version of Qubes OS (from Index of /files/ci/nitropad/qubes-oem).
And I don’t want to either because there not cryptographically signed (unlike the Qubes images), so I can’t be sure I get the authentic images (and corresponding hashes) when I download them.

Not sure if that makes any difference.

I think the firmware might sometimes, in interaction with Qubes OS, make S0ix or S3 suspend mode unavailable (if Intel ME is disabled in the firmware settings). I always mix up the suspend modes and cannot currently validate which of them is affected. You might want to research your problem in relation to the specific firmware you have selected though. Hope that helps.

I also bought a new Nitropad NV41. And I also have the problem with the suspend that it does not work.
Tested with kernel 6.3.9-1 and currently the kernel 6.4.7-1

In the Qubes-OS forum it works for one with the Novacustom NV41 and the kernel 6.3.12-1.

Is there anywhere information when a new BIOS is available for the Nitropad?