SE050 configuration

Which specific SE050 configuration is used in Nitrokey 3?

From research, I’ve deduced it is the SE050F2 based upon that it provides support for RSA.
Not the SE050E2, even though that configuration has more features.

Can someone confirm this?

I don’t know how you have researched this (was ist just a guess?) but my guess based on nitrokey-3a-nfc-lpc55-hardware/production-data/nk3a-nfc_bom.xlsx at 9aac84400ee7698cafe075cd3c4fa9d7ec2b7d57 · Nitrokey/nitrokey-3a-nfc-lpc55-hardware · GitHub would be it might have SE050C1HQ1/Z01SCZ chip inside. This repository is from the year 2022.


Thank you @saper for this!
My guess was based upon the configuration found in this datasheet, in paragraph 2 Configuration Table -