Self destroying feature

Does Nitrokey have a feature of self erasing after for example 10 pin fails? Or something similar to this?

Hi @fanman!

There is no automatic erasing executed by the PIN attempts counter reaching 0 on any Nitrokey device at the moment. It needs to be done manually. However, if the attempts are all used up, there is no other operation available at that minute.
Technically it is possible to modify Nitrokey Start firmware to behave like this, including executing the factory reset on some special passphrase provided instead of the real secret PIN (or any other trigger, like accessing some data object). We had no need to implement such a behavior until now.

Could you elaborate on your use case?

Thank you for your comments. Im considerating to buy a couple usb-tokens, I studied a bit current situation at the market and stopped on Nitrokey and OnlyKey.
So onlykey is a pin protected and if to enter the wrong PIN too many times the data will self destruct. Though it has bizzare design, this feature seems very usefull for my understanding of security in case of loosing USB token. .
You mentioned possibility of manual changes on Smart model. On PRO 2 it cant be done?

Unfortunately not - the smart cards’ firmware is made after OpenPGP v3.3 specification, and cannot be changed freely.